UGP Past Winners Parade

'UGP Past Winners Parade" at this years Classic Bike Festival Ireland will commemorate one of the most exciting Ulster GP meetings which was held twenty five years ago in 1999.
That days Clerk of Course, Billy Nutt, will flag-off 1969 UGP winner Giacomo Agostini along side leading riders and winners from that day 25 years ago day like Adrian Archibald, Alan Patterson, Ian Lougher, John Creith, Iain Duffus, Denis McCullough, Phelim Owens, Ryan Farquhar, David Lemon, Shaun Brown, Nigel Davies, and hopefully family representatives of Gary Dynes, Owen McNally, Joey & Robert Dunlop along with UGP winner Bruce Anstey and festival organiser Phillip McCallen also a multiple UGP winner.

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